My salon took a trip to the Premier Beauty Classic show in Columbus, OH. Columbus is, and has always been one of my most favorite cities within a one tank trip! The show ran from Sunday thru Monday, but we found out we were going on such short notice that none of us was able to make the drive to Columbus until Sunday morning.

Sunday rolls around and my co-workers show up at my house, eager to hit the road. We take off in my little, older style, Ford Focus headed towards Columbus. I was delighted to have a beautiful, warm fall day to make the drive. The trees were just beginning to change colors, the clouds were puffy and a beautiful, stark white compared to the vibrant blue sky.

After a couple of stops to a massive Super Target (forgot the phone charger and *gasp* deodorant) and then for lunch, we finally made it. As soon as we got close to the convention center we spotted the creative types everywhere. Purple Mohawks, intricate undercuts, fishnets, boots, curls, teased hair, and the smell of products. Hairstylists. Everywhere. You see, when you’re a hairstylist, you just KNOW when you see another hairstylist. Its like an unwritten rule. Even if you try to pretend to not be a hairstylist, it shines threw like a beacon in the night. Its an invisible badge, to be worn proudly.

I pulled into the parking garage and out we went, looking for our boss and other co-worker.  We hurried inside and as I turned the corner into the main convention area, my pulse sped up and excitement entered my bloodstream. The music, the lights, the beautiful people! The INSANE fashion. We didn’t attend any classes the first day, but we did do a fair bit of shopping and meeting people.

That evening, we joined our boss and co-workers for a huge Italian dinner, followed by drinks at the hotel. We went to bed fairly early, eager to get the day started in the morning.

Monday at the Premier Beauty show in Columbus meant a flood of high school Cos students arriving by bus loads for a field trip. This made it more difficult to quickly navigate the floor but it certainly didn’t stop us from hitting the show for some final education and last minute purchases. We all had time constraints, so we split up and got as much done as possible. Divide and conquer, if you will. And I’m glad we did it that way, because a few hours later I was skirting into the parking lot at my daughters school just 2 minutes before she walked out the door. Like. A. Boss.

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