So, the last few months of my life have been pretty extraordinary and I’ve been in a period of constant change. Not only am I saving up for one of our biggest financial goals of my entire life with an approaching due date only 12 months away, but I’ve also had some big time life and financial changes – such as building an entire bedroom in my basement for my 16 year old stepdaughter to move back into my home, as she crashed on an air mattress in my 9 year old’s bedroom for 3 weeks. I’m so happy to have her back under my roof, but let me tell you. She’s literally eating right through my should-be weekly travel savings budget.

Add to that the end of the road on the hubby’s student loan forbearance, a little hiccup with RITA (Regional Income Tax Agency- Here’s a tip – don’t skip the city tax, it WILL catch up to you) and the usual beginning of the year slowness in both of our fields of work (Home remodeling for him, hair-styling for me), plus those pesky holidays and it will slow the savings down from a small stream to a trickle.

I’ve thought to myself more than a few times lately – Did I start this blog at the wrong time in my life? Should I just shut it down for the next year until life smooths itself back out? Should I scale it back on adventuring away from my home and grabbing life by its precious sparkly balls? (I  say sparkly because its prettier than blue IMHO)

The answer I keep circling back to is – HELL NO.

In higher stress times like these, I think its EVEN MORE IMPORTANT to have an adventure and get away from it all from time to time! I certainly can’t rely on anyone in my life to bring me happiness. All I have is myself, when it comes down to it, and adventure makes me feel alive and happy.


Monotony + Stress = UNHAPPY SPIRIT.

You know what I’m talking about. That sluggish feeling as you drag yourself out of bed to force feed and get ready for a day at a job you’d rather not end up at forever, spend 8 hours working, counting down the moments until you get to go home and deal with your children, whose personal problems grow along with them, so you’re trying to figure out how to tell your child that their friend is a total piss-ant and you’d rather them not hang out with each other at school and on the bus, but you don’t want to totally impede and end up with a complete backfire and a rebellion fueled lifelong romance / friendship because god damn it – I’M not moving out of this school system, his parents should go!, while also trying to keep your cool when you find that your other child ONCE AGAIN left a half full bowl of leftover cereal milk on the table for the cat to get into, and your husband is most likely responsible for emptying the TP roll and not refilling it, and all three of the kids need help on homework spanning from 3rd-10th grade, but you can barely remember how to do long division without a calculator which makes you feel like you look like a total fool to your children, so you just take a deep breath while feeling the grey hairs growing from the top of your once beautiful and thick hair (I’m fortunate to have great hair still, its just not AS great in my 30s), try to fake it til you make it and put the kids to bed just to waste a couple of hours in front of one screen or another because you’re too exhausted from the day to do anything else with yourself while you wait to go to bed to wake up the next morning and do it all again.

If you don’t have a clue whatsoever as to what that feels like, even if you don’t have the kids or the husband or the wife, consider yourself super lucky to have developed what I would consider a very healthy way of thinking – a way that I am envious of, because even though I constantly strive to achieve a calmer way of life, it’s not happening as quickly as I’d like it to. I don’t know many who are truly happy every second of every day without the help of pharmaceuticals. Maybe when I’m older I can be all calm and cool and stagnant with no urgency to live my life in a faster lane, but for now I tend to be an incredibly high strung and complicated dreamer, who prefers to live in the moment, yet can’t.

Adventure and travel typically deliver one huge soul cleansing dose of happiness. My entire family benefits. When we travel together, none of this at home bullshit even matters. Everyone works together like a finely oiled machine. We are all ONE. One unit, out there living life.

I’m currently working on creative ideas to expand my income in the next few months, to allow for more than my currently scheduled and in the works travel plans. As I figure this out, I’ll try my best to update here.

My currently in the works adventures for the year include – NYC for America’s Beauty Show with my salon in March,  Washington D.C. and Shenandoah National Park during spring break with my amazing family, and although we don’t have our dates or plans nailed down perfectly yet, backpacking Mount Rainier in Washington state this summer with my best friend.

What are your plans for this year? Are you traveling? Where to? Who are you taking? What are some creative ways that you’ve found to earn extra income and fund your adventures?

What are some of your coping mechanisms to deal with LIFE?

Thanks for stopping by to read my random ramblings today, let me know what you think.

Enjoy your humpday!