The last two weeks of my life has brought a lot of ups and downs. Mostly ups, but definitely a few big downs. A lot like the ups and downs of the Wonderland Trail, actually.

My husband landed himself in the ER with not only a serious intestinal infection but also, a HERNIA. And just like that, more than half of my hopes and dreams of completing the Wonderland Trail this year went right out the window. Everything about his health is currently unknown, outside of the fact that he is on super duper light duty until he can have surgery. He doesn’t even meet the surgeon until mid May.

So here I am, just workin on my fitness (Fergalicious) at the gym a few times a week for the past few months only to have this poor guy end up going totally backwards on the fitness scale as he wastes away on light duty.

In the mean time, I’ve spent the last two weeks in total suspension. Will we do it? Will we do it in sections instead and come back year after year until its done? Will I con my friends into taking on 1/3 each of his pack weight and let him walk the whole thing with out a backpack? Will I go on without him and do it on my own? This idea is not only the scariest but maybe also the most exciting This would be SUPER liberating, but I would always have a void in the memories of where he’s supposed to be anddddd I’d have to invest in a much warmer sleeping bag.

Low and behold, it all came to a head yesterday when we were officially denied our permit. We didn’t make the cut this year. Our options? Show up crazy early the day of our trip in hopes of scoring a “day of” permit for this obviously competitive trail. I say – no thanks. There are too many negative variables and it truly feels like the universe is telling us not to go. However, if Chris somehow makes a superhuman recovery and feels like he can hike 93 miles with 22,000 feet of elevation gain in one week with an added 40 pounds on his back, we may just roll the dice and show up. What the hell.

Instead, my best friend Chrissy and I got on the phone and started throwing some different ideas out there. Chris and I will still go to Washington this summer. We will still do some hiking, and hopefully some short distance backpacking.

Some ideas include the Northern Cascades, The Olympic National Park, or even heading south into Oregon for a few days. It is all up in the air now which is one of my favorite parts about traveling – The planning.

If you’ve got some amazing must see spots within a few miles hike in the PNW, now is your time to deliver to me some serious inspiration.


Stay Tuned.