Wife. Mom. Hairstylist. Dreamer. Adventurer. Newbie Blogger.

My name is Patty, and I live for adventure.


I reside in NE Ohio, and share my home in a cute suburban neighborhood with my amazingly supportive and oh so sexy husband Chris, my two beautiful daughters, Andrea & Amberly, my forever faithful and loving golden retriever / German Shepherd named Taco, and a cat formally known as Joe.img_2082-1

I spend the majority of my life living the “American Dream”-Working as a colorist in an award winning salon, attempting to raise strong minded, goal oriented, creative, intelligent young ladies, trying everyday to cook healthy and organic meals, creating art, reading novels, and trying my best to enjoy every ordinary moment of my life.

When I’m not doing all of that ^ I am dreaming. Dreaming of my most recent travels, or of my next great bucket list adventure.

I’ve been encouraged to start a blog, so here we are. This is apparently where everyone can be a witness to the thoughts and ideas that tumble through my brain and eventually turn into the adventures of the Barnes family. Watch the process, from the very first spark of a dream to the actual journeys as they happen. Find inspiration, tips and tricks for cheap travel, and maybe even a really cool itinerary or two. Hell, maybe I’d even plan out your next adventure! If you’d like to learn more about how “U-Turn and Travel” came to be, click here.



I appreciate any and all constructive criticism. How else does one get to be the best of the best without it? If you have any feedback, good or bad (use your manners) I’d love to hear from you. Please follow me on FB, IG, and Twitter!