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Balancing the "American Dream" with my own Pursuit of Happiness

An afternoon in Keystone, South Dakota. #BarnesRoadTrip2K14

To say that I wasn't thrilled about our first planned stop on our 2014 family road trip  would be an understatement. I never really had much interest in seeing Mount Rushmore in person. My husband was the driving force behind... Continue Reading →


13 Years. 41 States. A few hundred thousand miles. Countless adventures. Happy Anniversary to my favorite guy.

Chris and I had only known each other a few weeks before we ran away and got married. I was 18, he was 22, and no one knew about it until after it happened. This meant that no one had the... Continue Reading →

Looking for recommendations for a long girls weekend in NYC

It looks like I'll be heading to NYC in March for "America's Beauty Show" with my salon. I am really looking forward to the beauty show, however I'm even more excited just to be going to NYC for the weekend, and... Continue Reading →

We weren’t born to just pay bills and die. #BarnesRoadTrip2K14 ~ The year of the wise adventure.

17 ways for the average family to save money and travel in 2017

  As we continue making our way through the fourth quarter and zero in on the final months of the year, I wanted to take a moment and share some money saving ideas BEFORE we hit the hectic holiday season,... Continue Reading →

Fly-by-night beauty show shenanigans

My salon took a trip to the Premier Beauty Classic show in Columbus, OH. Columbus is, and has always been one of my most favorite cities within a one tank trip! The show ran from Sunday thru Monday, but we... Continue Reading →


A little over a decade ago some of my friends and family started traveling internationally. Around that time, I decided that I would like to see everything my own country has to offer before I venture out further into the world.... Continue Reading →

Backpacking the Allegheny, Day 2.

We woke late after our first night sleeping near the lake. I wasn't sure what our scenery looked like, as we had shown up so long after sunset last night. I opened my eyes and rolled over to see Chris putting... Continue Reading →

The beginning stages of #BarnesRoadTrip2K18

14-16 days, approximately 4,500 miles, $600, 23 states staying in or around : New Orleans (1 night) Destin, Fl. (1 night) Myrtle Beach (2-3 nights) Washington D.C. (1-2 nights) NYC (2 nights) Boston (3 nights) Acadia national park (1-2 nights) Somewhere... Continue Reading →

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